How child care centers are working in Saudi Arabia Essay

Saudi Arabia has witnessed tremendous growth in child care services in the last few years. This trend is inevitable as more women are joining the workforce (Booz & Co, 2012). Though this approach has brought incredible benefits to working parents, the culture and customs of Saudi Arabia have complicated the concept. The Kingdom tradition upholds that a working woman should seek the services of a housemaid in taking care of the child at home.


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Though most parents, especially the working women prefer quality care for their children, security of the child play a key role in determining the care facility for the child. Presently, child care facilities in Saudi Arabia are categorized into three main groups. The first choice for parents is usually assigning a close relative to take care of his/her child.

In most cases grandmother is usually selected. Grandmother is viewed as a person who is able to support during the formative years of growth and development because she is perceived as a trusted person in the family (Valdini, 2012).

The rise of working women in Saudi Arabia has also resulted in the urge of formal child care services (Booz & Co, 2012). Hence, more formal Care centers (pre-schools, day care centers and nursery) have sprouted in the country. For working parents, this has simplified their responsibility towards the care of their children’s.

Though some legit of the available child care centers are more of play groups with condensed hours, and strict admission rules, some, with well developed facilities allows entry when the child is about one to three years (Susie of Arabia, 2012).

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